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How To Create Auto Reply Email on CPanel

How To Create Auto Reply Email on CPanel
How To Create Auto Reply Email on CPanel

CDN BizHow To Create Auto Reply Email on CPanel. Auto Reply Email or Autoresponder is a feature on cPanel that can answer emails automatically. This is useful for many things, for example sending notifications to senders when you are on vacation so you can’t access email, or sending promotions periodically.

Having automated messages can also make customers feel like you are replying to their emails quickly. In the following tutorial, we will show you how to auto-reply email in cPanel by adding an email autoresponder.

What do you need?

Before you move on to the next step, make sure you:

  • Have access to cPanel hosting
  • Already created an email account

Step 1: Log in to cPanel

First of all, please log in to cPanel then click the Autoresponders menu.

Auto Responder on CPanel
Auto Responder on CPanel

Step 2: Create an Auto Reply / Autoresponder Email

1. To create an Autoresponder, please click the Add Autoresponder button.

Add Autoresponders
Add Autoresponders

2. After that fill in the information requested in the column provided.

a. Character Set. Character Set is a list of characters defined or recognized by computer hardware and software. Please fill in utf-8.

b. Interval. The interval is the waiting time from the Autoresponder to reply to an email. If you enter the number 0, the Autoresponder will reply to the email at almost the same time as the sender sending the email. Most hosting providers place a limit here for sending an email. Value 0 is not really recommended. To avoid interruptions to the email service, we recommend that you fill in 1 hour or more, depending on your needs.

c. Email. This column contains your email name. If your email is [email protected], then you only need to fill out ‘test’ here.

d. Domain. Please fill in your email domain name. If your email is [email protected], fill in this field with example.com.

e. From. This column shows the sender name of the Autoresponder. Please fill in your name.

f. Subject. This is the subject of an Autoresponder. cPanel also allows using the% subject% tag, which will match the sender’s subject. For example, if the subject of the sender is “Asking” and the reply subject of the auto-reply email is re:% subject%, the subject that appears will be “re Asking”.

g. By filling in this field, the e-mail message will be sent in HTML format. Otherwise, the message will be sent in Plain Text.

h. Body. The body is the message from the email you sent.

i. Start. The start contains the date when the Autoresponder was active. Alternatively, Immediately can be selected for instant activation.

j. Stop. Stop contains the end date of the Autoresponder. If you select Never, the Autoresponder will always be active.

k. After everything has been configured, please click the Create / Modify button. Then a success message will appear.

Step 3: Autoresponder Test

The Autoresponder test is quite easy to do by sending an email using your other email account. The problem is usually only one, email sometimes takes several minutes before being sent. This depends on the traffic of your email server. If the Autoresponder does not work, you can contact your hosting provider for assistance with this.

Step 4: Edit and Remove Autoresponder

You can change the autoresponder whenever you want via the Edit button in the Autoresponders menu on your cPanel hosting.

If the Autoresponder is no longer needed, you can delete it using the Delete key. See the image below for clarity.


Email Auto Reply or Autoresponder is a very effective tool for replying to emails automatically. You can use it for a variety of purposes, from automatic replies after signup to regular promo reminders.

Why don’t you try it now? If you have experience or questions regarding this matter, we are ready to help you. Please tell in the following comments column?

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