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Student Benefits, Free Resource For Student

Student Benefits, Free Resource For Student
Student Benefits, Free Resource For Student

CDN BizStudent Benefits, Free Resource For Student. The college entrance examination has passed, and you will usher in different university life. The university may be liberated from the previous 12 years of regulated life, but you also know what is behind liberation, free from the control of parents and teachers. With proper financial autonomy, your life will not be very exciting.

Let your university life be active and exciting:

  1. Participate more in school-level, provincial-level, and national-level competitions, and your comparison objects will not be classmates but peers, with a greater vision.
  2. Speak more on stage, the first time, the second time, and the third time, the small heart may be pounding. It will really be no surprise later, and I will be more confident.
  3. Stop being obscured and let the teachers notice you. You are still in college and still dare not raise your hand?
  4. Do some volunteer work, make some contribution to society, and you really run out of time after you work.
  5. Remember to keep proof, an invoice, and a list when you behave and do things.
  6. Greet your elders more, and occasionally check it out after a long holiday.

Be Aware

  • For viewing, using, reprinting, and quoting this collection, please check the license.
  • Please consult school leaders, counselors, and class teachers for all official student aid funds, etc. Please do not transfer funds to unfamiliar accounts!
  • Campus borrowing is extremely risky, please try with caution.
  • Please be cautious about resources that need to show ID cards and hold ID cards.
  • Take good care of your student ID and ID card, and don’t throw them away at will.

student bag

Various student discount programs have been developed for many years, and many student packages have not only verified their identities through Edu Email. It is recommended to use tools with the official logo and date of the college, such as student ID and admission notice, to prove your identity.

  • Github student package, a collection of high-quality development tools, and a $100 voucher for DIgitalocean and a free domain name.
  • Microsoft Imagine student package, free use of Microsoft development software, including Windows Server system, and Azure student subscription.
  • AWS student package, Amazon cloud computing student package, can get at least $40 discount and education training.
  • Autodesk student pack, its AutoCAD, 3DMAX, Maya and other software, its (education version) free trial period can be extended to three years.
  • JetBrains student package, free use of various development tools, and integration tools.
  • G Suite for Education, a Google productivity tool suite for educational users (the mainland is not in the application area).
  • LINGO Educational Research License, LINGO Educational License, famous linear and non-linear solver, the best choice for solving optimization models, necessary for mathematical modeling.
  • Navicat Academic Partner Program provides a one-year Navicat Premium non-commercial license, graphical database management and development software, and powerful visual database management tools.

Cloud service offers

  • Office in Education, free, Microsoft offers free Office 365 education discounts.
  • Alibaba Cloud + Yunyi plan , 118 yuan/year, Alibaba Cloud ECS/lightweight cloud server + OSS + RDS. Real-name authentication can be obtained under the age of 24, no need to verify student identity!!
  • Tencent Cloud + Campus Plan, 120 yuan/year, 1C2G1M50G cloud server, cloud database, and domain names and other discounts, no student certification for 25 years and under (please check the activity rules before buying). Changing the configuration will easily lose the qualification.
  • Tianyi Cloud + Yunchuang Campus, 118.8/year, 1 core 2G memory 40G storage + 1M bandwidth
  • HUAWEI CLOUD + Cloud Creation Campus Plan, 9 yuan/month for students aged 24 and under, free of student certification, real-name certification can be purchased, and need to be snapped up. HUAWEI CLOUD Special Entrance
  • Baidu Yunqihang campus plan, 74 yuan / half a year, 1C2G1M40G, 143 yuan / half a year, 2C4G1M40G. Students aged 24 and below are exempt from certification.
  • AWS Amazon Cloud Educate, gift balance:
    • Sign up for the Github student package mentioned above and get a $150 service credit.
    • Sign up for the AWS Educate program again, and receive discount emails from time to time, and get $100~$150 service deduction amount.
  • Digital Ocean cloud service, free credit, by registering the Github student package mentioned above, you can get a $100 service deduction amount.
  • SiteGroud student plan, $1.99/month, WP officially recommended a hosting provider to provide high-performance CP hosting.
  • Pantheon Student Edition, free trial, student discounts for professional high-performance website hosting.

Hardware discount

  • Apple Education Store offers discounts on most devices except the iPhone, Music, and Pro APP discounts, and there will be student discounts at the end of the summer and back to school.
      • iMac/MacBook: Two units can be purchased each academic year
      • Mac mini: One can be purchased every academic year
      • iPad: Two units can be purchased per academic year
      • Monitor: Up to two can be purchased per academic year
      • iPod: There is no limit to the number of purchases per academic year


  • Haidilao, 69% off or 12% off, can be enjoyed after Alipay campus life certification, subject to time period restrictions.
  • Disney and Alipay campus life can be enjoyed after certification, subject to time period restrictions.
  • Exclusive for Meituan students, there are different discounts and preferential activities after Xuexin.com certification.
  • Didi Express will receive 4 express tickets with a discount of 9% each month for verification in the student center.
  • Jingdong campus, student specials, exclusive coupons, etc., are based on Xuexin.com certification.
  • NetEase Yanxuan offers a 5% discount for the whole audience. After downloading the NetEase Yanxuan client and logging in, enter the personal page, and you will see the “College Student Certification” option at the bottom.


  • OnTheHub education store, discounts, virtual machine discounts for PD and VMware, and more software discounts.
  • Student App Centre offers discounts, provides and collects educational discounts for dozens of European and American software such as PDF Expert, Boom2, Downie, CleanShot X, and supports email and student ID.
  • Axure, free, prototyping tool, necessary for product and operation, free for students and teachers.
  • Todoist, a 30% discount for the business version, the original price is 60 US dollars/year, the discount price is 18 US dollars/year, through campus email or student ID copy certification application, a To-Do List application for managing work and life, powerful task and idea organization tool.
  • Spotify student discount, half-price discount, Spotify Premium, Spotify, Hulu (ad-supported) plan, and SHOWTIME.
  • Sketch, half-price discount, after providing proof of a copy of student ID, a well-known prototyping tool under macOS
  • Adobe XD, a free, prototyping tool, the official website directly provides a free version, catching up with Sketch for Mac, a rare benefit of the Win party. In addition, Adobe also provides incentives for XD plug-in design, and can participate in the design and development of plug-ins that can be used by XD.
  • Setapp, 50% discount, $4.99 per month, subscription-based application store, subscribe to a package of Imagine music dozens of macOS paid software. View the list of available software.
  • LastPass, free for half a year, a convenient and easy-to-use cross-platform password management tool.
  • Minecraft, free, the free version of Minecraft Education, only support mailboxes.
  • Mathematica, $50, a modern scientific computing software, 30% off 50 USD, displayed after adding a shopping cart.
  • Tableau, a free, data visualization analysis software, provides free use for students, classrooms, and educational organizations.
  • Origin, free, Origin is a drawing software commonly used by science and engineering students, providing 6 months of free use for students.
  • Notion, free, is a collaboration platform that seamlessly integrates notes, knowledge base, and task management. You can get the paid personal version function after you pass the education email verification.
  • Eagle education discount, $139, Win/Mac system, designer’s picture management tool, support for one month trial, original price 199, discount price 139, identity and credential information are required. An excellent local image management tool, with the student version of OneDrive for synchronization management. (Currently, it supports the management of pictures, videos, fonts, and other types of files)
  • XShell + XFTP is free, and perhaps the best SSH and FTP management tool under Win. The free license covers students, teachers, and employees of any certified educational institution. Use Xshell and Xftp for teaching, learning, and management.
  • Shapr3D, free, Shapr3D is a professional CAD tool created for the mobility and accuracy of iPad and Apple Pencil.
  • Altium Designer, free, Altium Designer is a powerful PCB design software.
  • Tick ​​list, 25% discount, original price is 139 yuan/year, preferential price is 99 yuan/year, an application to help you complete tasks and plan time efficiently, excellent GTD ( Getting Things Done ) application, you need to register and verify with your education mailbox.
  • SQLPro Studio, a 1-year educational license, macOS / iOS is a concise, powerful, and multi-purpose database management client.

Recommended software

  • CloudConvert, transcoding artifact, a complete online transcoding tool.
  • Smallpdf, professional document to PDF, PDF to document artifact.
  • Canvas File Sync, Syncs Canvas-LMS course file
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