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Why Big Companies Use WordPress


CDN BizWhy Big Companies Use WordPress. Beginner users usually create blogs / online shops with WordPress. Middle and upper-level users usually create personal websites/clients, also with WordPress. What is unique is, we found quite a lot that it turns out that websites belonging to several big companies/brands also use WordPress.

WordPress is free, but how come ..?

The number of large companies that also use shared WordPress hosting on Niagahoster has given us a positive signal about the insight that many large companies overseas have also been using WordPress for a long time for their websites with various business purposes.

There are no facts without data. Here we provide data from WordPress.

News website:

BBC America

Brand website:

Sony Music

Personal Brand website:

The Rolling Stones
Snoop Dogg, etc.

To see whether a website uses WordPress or not, you can do the following.

  • Open the website in a web browser
  • Right-click on the web page, select View Page Source
  • Use the Search feature or press the F3 key to find the text wp- or wp-content
  • If you find it, then the website is created using WordPress. If not, maybe the website uses another platform / CMS.
  • If even big companies/brands use free WordPress for their websites, then it can be concluded that you should also use WordPress to get started (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

This method works because …

There is a no bigger problem in business than a sales problem. HR issues can wait. Branding issues can wait. But sales problems, no.

The reason is, if the sales problem can be resolved, you can get sales faster. This means that you can have the budget to recruit better human resources. You can also use branding agency services to complete branding and other matters.

This can be translated into various forms according to your needs.

If you create a cake shop business website with WordPress, then what you have to prioritize is how to quickly get cake shop sales.

If you create a news portal website with WordPress, then you need to quickly write news and distribute news content to get readers. Likewise with other types of business.

The effect is if your website is online faster, God willing, your sales will come sooner. It is true that there is an opinion that doing business does not have to be with a website. However, did you know that Facebook, which is one of the most effective promotional channels at the time of writing, can run optimally if you already have a website as a landing page?

That’s also what big companies/brands that use WordPress do.

Here’s how they do it ..

There is a myriad of marketing methods to use and have persisted over time. Even if there are new methods, those that are fundamental in nature will survive.

Big companies/brands use marketing methods that can also be used for beginner / intermediate levels in any type of business.

Here are some examples of how they do business with WordPress:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing method that you can use using a WordPress-based website. Let’s look at the definition of content marketing according to the following Content Marketing Institute:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

In content marketing, the keywords are valuable. This means that you must create content that is useful for your potential customers. The goal is to attract the attention of potential readers to read the articles/content that you provide so that it is useful for their needs.

The explanation for grounding it like this.

The real example is like this.

For example, suppose your business is a Diabetes Specialist Clinic.

So, your prospective customer is someone who wants to know diabetes treatment information.

What prospective customers (even ourselves) usually do is look for a lot of information on the internet (googling). Prospective customers will read as much material about diabetes treatment as possible from various types of websites. Starting from the material in the form of medical information, diabetes drug sales promos, alternative medicine, etc.

What you can do with content marketing is to provide the most complete articles/content about Diabetes on your WordPress website, from basic to advanced. This article should not always be overtly promotional, but as much as possible be “soft selling” (selling like not selling).

If your prospective customers are looking for diabetes information, then find an article from your WordPress website and feel you benefited from the article, they will generally read the article and other pages on your website.

Meaning? They’ll feel like you can help provide a solution and they’ll buy your product! Goal?

See. With just a WordPress-based website, you don’t need a programmer, you can start getting your first sales.

Website Portal

A website portal is a type of website that leads to exclusivity. Generally, portal websites allow website visitors to access information only if they have access to the portal. In practice, portal websites are widely used on websites that have a member area. Thus, users can personalize according to their needs and desires.

To create a website portal with WordPress, you can start by using a variety of plugins/templates specifically for portals. In the end, it will cost you to buy this portal plugin/template, but compared to having to hire a programmer yourself to create a portal, the difference in cost is no longer as far as the heavens and the earth, but the sky and the troughs of the sea. Far.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of making your website easy to find on search engines as search results that are relevant to what your potential customers are looking for.

Using WordPress, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is easier to do & manage. There are hundreds of plugins that support the SEO process and you can use them.

Even if you don’t use content marketing methods or you don’t provide a portal feature on your website, you still have to do SEO for your website. Imagine, this quite complicated process is made very easy with the help of WordPress.

Benefits for you

WordPress. WordPress. WordPress!

No matter what level you are at, start with WordPress because even big companies/brands are using it. There are many long-term benefits that you can get like the big companies/brands, such as:

Lots of long-term conveniences for you.

Getting started with WordPress means you also save long-term convenience for your website. Not only the features & system are easy to use, but also lots of little things that look simple but will really help you.

Save programmer costs. WordPress is free!

WordPress is free but deadly. You can save on the budget for hiring a programmer because you can use it easily yourself.

Safe & thriving

WordPress is made with the PHP programming language & is open-source. Apart from being free, open-source projects are usually relatively safe because they are developed by all users on this planet.

For example, currently, there are millions of WordPress users around the world and more than 300,000 of them are PHP programmers who regularly contribute to developing WordPress.

If there is a security hole that allows your website to be hacked by other parties, hundreds of thousands of programmers will be ready to contribute to fixing the security hole.

Compare if you only hire 1-2 programmers to create your system/website.

Rich plugins & cool template design

One of the strengths of WordPress is the availability of plugins & cool template designs. Although many are paid, a lot of them are free too! 🙂

Uniquely, if you use popular design plugins & templates, you will still regularly get the latest updates every time there is an update. This means that you can minimize the bad risks that may occur.


There is no doubt about the flexibility of WordPress. WordPress runs smoothly in many types of PHP-based environments, regardless of which hosting server technology you use.

Integration with various types of plugins, to be very flexible. In general, plugin/theme developers will adjust their plugins/themes to the latest WordPress version, so there will be minimal bugs.

Your website is easy for potential customers to find

You could say, if you have a quality SEO & content structure, 6 out of 10 WordPress websites will have better SEO performance than websites that don’t use WordPress content.

Solution: Just Start Now

After we discussed quite a lot before, it will be meaningless if you do not imitate the success of the websites of the big companies/brands that have used WordPress above.

If you still feel like a puzzle, you don’t need to worry because here are steps you can use to get started:

  • Determine your domain name/brand.
  • Install the latest WordPress on your hosting server.
  • Choose a free WordPress theme. You can search on Google for keywords such as “free WordPress theme 2021”. Make sure you are not using a pirated theme. If you are willing to invest a little money in an attractive theme, you can buy a paid version of the theme.
  • Complete your business details & information. On the website, at least you must have a front page, a profile page that describes your business, a product/service page that explains what you offer, a gallery page containing photos, a testimonial page/client that contains user comments for your product/service and a contact page contains detailed information on how to communicate with you.
  • Complete standard plugins to improve overall website performance.
  • Keyword research related to your business.
  • Create articles/content containing information that will provide benefit/value to your prospective readers. The content that you create, must be interesting and really needed by other people.
  • Complete the SEO elements on your website.
  • Spread it to others on social media, especially in places where your potential customers gather/are a lot. For example, Facebook groups, fan pages, etc.
  • Learn every time analytic data on your website, to understand how the life of your website & website visitors.

If the big company/brand is successful using these methods, why should you NOT use WordPress??


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